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Medical Weight Loss Management

Medical Weight Management Program

Weight management is a challenge for everyone. An individualized approach to weight loss is essential because we are all different in genetic make-up, lifestyle, behaviors, and physical activity.

By using the most current methods and medical monitoring, Dr. Brovant and the team of weight management program professionals can help people lose weight safely. 

This program combines the expertise of our providers to provide a comprehensive approach to the medical management of obesity.


The Kansas City Secret For Weight Loss Program emphasizes helping individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle. This is based on the following principles:

  • Obesity is a disease that requires long-term treatment for successful management.
  • Health benefits are associated with even a modest amount of weight loss (5 to 10 percent or more of one’s body weight), as long as it is maintained.
  • Changes in eating habits are essential for weight loss.
  • Sleeping well is essential for long term success with this program
  • Physical activity is important for long-term weight management success.

Program Goals

Gradual weight loss will be achieved by following a structured, meal plan that includes meal replacement products.

  • Specialty providers will medically monitor treatment.
  • Clients will learn to gradually increase the number of minutes they engage in physical activity.
  • Clients will learn weight loss skills as well as strategies for long-term weight maintenance, by adopting a healthier lifestyle that can be kept up in the long-term.

Weight Management Services

  • Medical monitoring and physician supervision
  • Individualized behavioral educational modification sessions to help form life-long healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes
  • Emotional support and encouragement from team members
  • Nutrition lessons to educate members about healthy grocery shopping, menu planning, portion size and nutrient content
  • Physical activity educational modules to explain all aspects of exercise and to tailor programs for each client
  • Meal plans and meal replacements
  • Develop an individual long-term maintenance program that can sustain your benefits indefinitely.
  • Drug therapy, supervised by experienced providers, for those desiring to achieve their weight management goals
  • IV vitamin replacement therapy is available to optimize the nutritional metabolic changes being pursued.

Before joining the Weight Management Program, an initial screening is scheduled. Prior to that visit, the client will be asked to complete a food diary, food frequency form and medical assessment, which can be filled out in advance. The initial screening takes about 45 minutes and is free and includes a detailed nutritional evaluation.

Many people who lose weight tend to regain it over time. For this reason, the ability to sustain that loss is just as important as the initial weight loss itself. Staff members teach the skills and habits necessary to help maintain weight loss and achieve realistic goals. Even moderate long-term decreases in body weight — five to 10 percent of initial body weight — can result in considerable metabolic health benefits.

Program Components

Practice shall also provide client with the following non-Medical services, which are complementary to our members in the course of care:

Medical Monitoring

Our providers are trained to recognize medical conditions related to excessive weight and weight loss and to monitor changes in client health. Regular medical monitoring helps reduce health risks related to weight loss and enables the staff to make appropriate adjustments to a client’s treatment.  At times, the providers here at the practice will recommend laboratory evaluations that you will have to coordinate through your primary care physician.  These may include but not limited to; CMP, CBC, HSCRP, TSH, A1C, Glucose, Insulin, Lipids, Homocysteine, Vit D.  client is responsible for all costs of this laboratory testing, and specimen analysis, which are not listed under included medical services.


Lifestyle Modifications

With the help of the behavioral staff clients will learn to:

  • Develop healthier behaviors.
  • Identify triggers.
  • Assess their environment.
  • Make positive lifestyle choices.
  • Establish an encouraging support group.



Nutritional education provided by providers will teach clients how to make healthier eating choices through individualized meal planning. Clients will also learn the importance of identifying environmental factors that influence weight gain and how to change their surrounding environment to support ongoing weight control.  Individual consultations with clients are provided for meal planning.

Physical Activity

A physically active lifestyle is an essential component in metabolic health and weight management. Our providers provide guidance in establishing a safe and effective physical activity routine that best suits each client.

Program Structure

The medical aspect of the Weight Management Program is separated into three stages:

Stage I – Initial Weight loss basics of nutrition education

  • 20 weekly individualized sessions
  • Five months in length.
  • Medical monitoring.

Stage II – Deeper dive into exercise and the metabolic health goals

  • 20 weekly sessions.
  • Weight, body composition, and blood pressure monitoring weekly.
  • Eight months in length.

Stage III – Long-Term Continuous Care

  • Monthly individual sessions with a provider to keep refining and improving your health journey.

Non-Medical Personalized Services

Practice shall also provide client with the following non-Medical services, which are complementary to our members in the course of care:


Email Access:

Client shall be given an email address to which non-urgent communications can be addressed. The client understands and agrees that email and the internet should never be used to obtain medical care in an emergency or in any situation that could reasonably be expected to develop into an emergency. Client agrees that in such situations the client shall call 911 or go to the nearest emergency medical provider and follow the directions of emergency medical personnel.


Minimal Wait Appointments

Client shall be seen by the providers in a very timely manner after arriving for a scheduled office visit. If the provider foresees more than a minimal wait time, provider client shall be contacted in advance and advised of the projected wait time. Client shall have the option to arrive at the later projected time or reschedule the visit at a time convenient to the client.


Specialists Coordination

The Physician may coordinate with medical specialists to whom client is referred to assist client in obtaining specialty care. Client understands that fees paid under this agreement do not include specialist’s fees or fees due to any medical professional other than the practice staff. These are the client’s responsibility.